With immediate effect there will be no more branch admissions.  All calls regarding cats coming into care, owned or stray cats, must be referred to our contact centre on 03000 121212

Rehoming of cats is currently suspended until further notice. You may contact us to register interest in a cat & we will progress this once restrictions are lifted.

Limited CP activities where a volunteer can social distance themselves may continue.

The cats on this page of our website are not currently in CP care. They are either on our waiting list or their owners would prefer to re-home them directly from their existing homes. Should you want to adopt one of these cats, we can give you the contact details of their owners. We must emphasise that these cats have not been through the health screening process applied to all cats in our care but we can arrange for this to be done if required.

8/10/19 Catsy is a magnificent 18 years young She was taken in by a family from a friend but sadly, the landlord is insisting on a no pets policy so Catsy is looking for a new home. The current owner tells us
“We think she’s deaf as when you call her she doesn’t always respond. She’s roughly around 18years old. She likes to sleep, a lot and eat.
She absolutely hates worming tablets so needs the meaty tasting ones. She also like all cats hates having her spot on flea treatment, so you need to be quick.
She loves to sunbathe in the garden on hot sunny days, but is more then happy for a fuss on the sofa.
She’s not a big fan of kids and tends to hide away from them, so would ideally suit an older couple or someone living alone.
She gets along with other animals providing they are kind to her.
Ideally suited to someone with a cat flap as she can tend to meow until let out, even though she has a litter tray in house.
Can be a very loving cat, for someone with the time to sit and stroke her.”
Kim Stafford

20/8/19 Noodle and Ben are large, long-haired and friendly boys. Noodle is the more confident and playful of the two. He loves climbing into boxes, the kitchen cupboards (and the car if you’re not looking!) and enjoys playing with wool and shoe laces. He’s very affectionate but doesn’t usually sit on a lap, preferring to sprawl out on the floor. Ben is a little timid when he meets new people but is incredibly affectionate once he gets to know them. He loves to sit on a lap or snuggle up next to you on the sofa and often gives “washes” to the people he loves the most.

Noodle and Ben currently live with a dog and they’re happy to share the sofa with him. They’ve never lived with children and tend to run and hide if any come to visit. They like to go outside but probably spend most of the day indoors.

Their owner would welcome someone who could offer the cats a home together as they are used to each other having lived together for a number of years. They are mature cats who would make excellent companions for someone retired or spends time at home. Call us on 01594 841511 (SF)



11/1/20 Hello, my name is Heidi. I am 7 years old. I am a loving, friendly cat who loves the company of people. I love open spaces and am used to having fields to play in. I like catching mice, lazing in the sun, playing with my favourite toys and sleeping inside at night time. I love people and will wait for you to come home then follow you around for company. I love treats and will know where you keep them and ask for them by taking you to them. I’m very clever! My only imperfection is that I have bitten some people. I have an old injury on the back of my neck that if stroked may cause me to bite. I’m very sorry afterwards and don’t do it often but I’m probably best not adopted by people with young children. I do love being stroked. Sadly I am being put up for adoption because my family whom adore me have serious heath care problems that mean they can no longer look after me. (KW/SF)



Merlin is a chunky white and black puss who moved out of his own home when his owner acquired a couple of dogs and moved over the road to a neighbour’s house. His new hostess was happy to welcome him into her garden but sadly her own cat is now too frightened to go outside so he needs to move on again. Merlin is not aggressive, the resident cat is timid. Merlin would really love to go to a warm home where he can have a choice of laps as he is very friendly and affectionate. He is 13 years old but is hale and hearty and we would be happy to get him vet checked if anyone would be willing to take on this lovely boy. (SF)