With immediate effect there will be no more branch admissions.  All calls regarding cats coming into care, owned or stray cats, must be referred to our contact centre on 03000 121212

Rehoming of cats is currently suspended until further notice. You may contact us to register interest in a cat & we will progress this once restrictions are lifted.

Limited CP activities where a volunteer can social distance themselves may continue.


A feral cat is a wild animal and a completely different beast from the domestic cat. Feral cats are territorial creatures and self sufficient.

Our aim with ferals is to control the number in any one colony to ensure that the territory can support the number of cats living there. Giving birth to endless kittens will physically weaken the female cats and make them vulnerable to disease and less able to fend for themselves.

TNR – We arrange for feral cats to be humanely trapped, neutered and returned to their existing territory, to continue living the life to which they are accustomed.

We can sometimes arrange for feral cats to be re-sited but we do not take them into our pens.