The cats on this page of our website are not currently in CP care. They are either on our waiting list or their owners would prefer to re-home them directly from their existing homes. Should you want to adopt one of these cats, we can give you the contact details of their owners. We must emphasise that these cats have not been through the health screening process applied to all cats in our care but we can arrange for this to be done if required.


Chloe is a fit and healthy 12 year old but her owners are emigrating very soon and, as Chloe is a very poor traveller, they feel it would be kinder to finder a new home in this country. She is an easy going cat, loves sunbathing and sleeping on a sunny day, but likes cuddles in the evening. She currently lives  with another cat and a dog but, at this stage in her life, would probably be better on her own.


Chloe Curts