The cats on this page of our website are not currently in CP care. They are either on our waiting list or their owners would prefer to re-home them directly from their existing homes. Should you want to adopt one of these cats, we can give you the contact details of their owners. We must emphasise that these cats have not been through the health screening process applied to all cats in our care but we can arrange for this to be done if required.

19/8/19 Ziggy is a very affectionate, friendly and playful youngster who was adopted for a multi animal household so she is used to both cats and dogs. Sadly the older cat in her new home has been upset by this playful puss and her owner really wants to make life easier again for the older cat. We are told that she seems perfectly content to live as an inside cat although she does have access to outside. She is neutered and is just over a year old. She is a lap cat who loves cuddles and one to one games but is also happy to play with her toys alone. If you would like to meet Ziggy, please give us a ring on 01594 841511. (SF)


20/8/19 Noodle and Ben are large, long-haired and friendly boys. Noodle is the more confident and playful of the two. He loves climbing into boxes, the kitchen cupboards (and the car if you’re not looking!) and enjoys playing with wool and shoe laces. He’s very affectionate but doesn’t usually sit on a lap, preferring to sprawl out on the floor. Ben is a little timid when he meets new people but is incredibly affectionate once he gets to know them. He loves to sit on a lap or snuggle up next to you on the sofa and often gives “washes” to the people he loves the most.

Noodle and Ben currently live with a dog and they’re happy to share the sofa with him. They’ve never lived with children and tend to run and hide if any come to visit. They like to go outside but probably spend most of the day indoors.

Their owner would welcome someone who could offer the cats a home together as they are used to each other having lived together for a number of years. They are mature cats who would make excellent companions for someone retired or spends time at home. Call us on 01594 841511 (SF)



Mr Bumble’s current owner write:
Mr Bumble was one of a litter born in Tiverton Devon. He has one surviving sister, Patsy, who lives in Berkshire .
He was vaccinated once as a kitten in 2007. Since then he has been very healthy and has had antibiotics only once, in 2017 following a fight .
He has brought us a lot of pleasure over the past 12 yrs. His birthday is June 16th.
He appreciates company but tires quickly of being stroked and will let you know with a flashing paw or a gentle nip so watch out. However he welcomes a lap to sleep on if you have time.
He lives near fields and roams fairly freely in the locality. As he has got older he prefers to snooze in his basket instead of chasing mice.
We are selling our house and moving to a town so are concerned that he will not cope with the change.
Hopefully we can find a suitable country retirement home for this old chap.
Mr Bumble