An up-to-date register of cats, lost and found in the Forest, is kept by one of our volunteers. Every attempt will be made to re-unite lost cats with their owners so a good description of the cat and where it was lost or found is paramount. If you have lost or found a cat please – phone our Catline on 01594 841511 or e us on forestcatsinfo@gmail.com.

The best way of being sure that your cat will be returned to you if it gets lost is to get it microchipped. This is an inexpensive and painless procedure. Check with your local vet to find out the price.

If you find a stray cat and can get it to your vet, he will scan it to see if it has a microchip which will identify its owner. There is usually no charge for this service.

What to do if your cat is missing:-

Ring round the local vets and Cats Protection.

Walk all round your locality, look on road verges, under hedges and in woodland. Call out and rattle the food dish or a box of biscuits.

Call on neighbours or put a flyer through their doors with a description of the missing cat. Ask if you can look in their garage, shed, greenhouse, outbuildings, caravan. Call out yourself; the cat may be nervous of strange voices.

Put up notices in your local shops, village and church hall noticeboards.

Place an ad in the local papers under “Pets” or “Lost”. Look in the “Found” columns.

Consider using Facebook to advertise the cat.

Ask the milkman and/or the postman. They are wonderful sources of information!

If you have lost or found a cat, please check out our Facebook page. We are now concentrating our efforts at reuniting cats on Facebook as it is proving much more successful than via this website.

You are also welcome to ring our helpline to report a lost or found cat on

01594 841511

16/7/14 This cat was signed over to us as an abandoned cat in the Bulwark area. She will be put up for re-homing if she is not claimed by 24th July.





This cat was found in Huntley. He has a microchip and, when he was chipped, his name was Sylvester. The chip is registered to an address in Gloucester GL4 but the phone number does not relate to the name or address of the owner. Does anyone recognise this cat or know who his owner is? Is there anyone in the GL4 area who would be able to check out the address the chip is registered to? Please phone 01594 841511 if you can help. (SF)