The cats listed below are all available for adoption unless otherwise stated. These are not the only cats in our care so, if you are thinking of adopting from us and hoped to find a cat of a different colour, age or sex, do give us a ring to see if we have what you are looking for.

You may also like to take a look at our Homing Direct page for cats who are still living with their owners but waiting to come into our care.

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LAST UPDATED  19/4/2019

We’re not sure how he got this name, but this is Boyzie and there’s certainly nothing boyish about this big ‘fella. He’s truly a man-cat but full of love and gentle affection.   He has the quietest purr in the business and if you get close enough you’re likely to be treated to a nose nuzzle!     A real charmer indeed……… (CO)




Emily is a stunning Spotted Bengal pedigree (no papers), 15 years young. She is a lively lass with lots of the usual Bengal features like a fine set of lungs and a sharp set of claws. She loves fuss and enjoys having a lap to sit on. Sadly she lost an eye and had her jaw broken in a road traffic mishap some years ago. She has some serious health issues and is now on borrowed time. Would anyone like to give her the comfort of a home to see out whatever time she has left. She does not get on with other cats and is the aggressor, not the victim! (JLS)

Mia did not care for living in a multi cat, multi dog, multi children household despite being well loved and cared for. She has not been vet checked yet but looks to be in excellent health, bright eyed and bushy tailed – and wow, just take a look at that beautiful tail! She would like a quiet household though she may be happy with perhaps one other animal and older children or an all adult household.  (SF)



Bambi and Ginger
Ginger and Bambi must go as a pair. They are the prettiest boys.  Ginger is very loving, and from the start was all purrs and cuddles while Bambi is a little more wary but still only took a day to relate to his fosterer. Now he can purr and cuddle with the best.
They are 7 months old and have been used to older children. They would like a loving home with a garden to explore and chase each other around in. (AS)

Chance is a youngster full f bounce and playfulness who loves to “help” with any task you are undertaking. Sadly, he has been diagnosed with hypertrophic myocardia (lots of info on the web about it) but the short story is that he may live a long and happy life or he could drop dead tomorrow. The vets have no way of knowing. One of our volunteers had a cat with the same condition and he lived a full and happy life until he was twelve years old, not a bad innings! He has been with us for several months now and shows no signs of dropping dead yet awhile but who knows. Could you be the one to offer this fab cat a happy and loving home for however long he has? (CC)



Bobbie came to us with a nasty wound which had become infected but which is now beautifully healed. She used to belong on a smallholding or farm and has lived most of her life outside, presumably earning her keep by keeping the rodent population under control. She is however steadily responding to strokes and fuss and is rather enjoying all the attention she is getting now. She will make a great garden cat and will be fine with older children who are happy not to have a cuddly puss – though you never know, she may get to be!  (LS)



Racer has come into our care as he and his brother were fighting due to too much testosterone in a small space.  This has now been addressed!  He has never been outside but there is no reason why he should not enjoy the great outdoors.  At just 10 months old, he is an affectionate boy who likes to curl up on a lap and will make a lovely family pet.





George and Lulu 1

George (behind) and Lulu recently came to us from a multicat household where life was somewhat unsettled. Unsurprisingly they are both very nervous cats and it will take them some time to adjust to life in a new home. They are in no way vicious but will probably stay in hiding for several days while they get to realise that no one is going to hurt them or make loud noises. They are beginning to settle with their fosterers but obviously it will be a start again situation when they are adopted. You will need lots of patience and preferably experience with cats to adopt this handsome pair. (JLS)

Emmy and Fudge

Emmy and Fudge are two very pretty tortie and white cats of middle years who came from another multicast household. They were very nervous when they came to us but are making very good progress and, as you can see, are now content to pose for photos. They have lived with a single lady but are familiar with dogs, children and grandchildren. you will need to be prepared to wait patiently for them to find their confidence. (RE)