About the Forest of Dean Cats Protection

Founded in 1991 and situated in the Forest of Dean between the rivers Severn and Wye, we enjoy a rural location but incorporate the larger towns of Cinderford, Coleford & Lydney. On the edge of our area are Ross-on Wye, Chepstow and Monmouth, all of which we cover.

We are all volunteers with the exception of the manager of our shop which is located in Lydney High Street. The shop,The Forest Cat, is the mainstay of our fundraising activity.

Our resident cats are cared for in cosy units erected in our fosterers’ gardens. Each unit consists of an insulated sleeping cabin with an electrically heated bed and a spacious outdoor run maintained to the standard of a professional cattery.


Hello, I’m Jessie and I’ve a very sad story to tell………….

Four years ago, as a kitten, I was adopted by this lovely lady who absolutely adored me. She lived alone, so I was her very best friend and companion. I quickly learned I could trust her completely – she was always there for me, and me for her.   One day, not very long ago, she had to go to hospital and I was left alone in the house. A kind neighbour would come in each day and feed me ….but I missed my mum very much and didn’t understand why she had left.   Long weeks passed and I became lonelier and lonelier.   Eventually, I realised she was never going to come back……..

I didn’t know what to do, so I hid. I became very nervous and shy and lost my confidence and trust in people.

Some time ago the Cats Protection lady came to collect me. But I didn’t understand that she wanted to help me and I hissed and spat at her. I’ve been at her home for almost three weeks now and I’m gradually – very gradually- starting to make some progress.

I desperately want to be loved again, to trust again, to snuggle up purring on someone’s knee……….could it be you? I don’t need you to feel sorry for me. But I do need someone with great patience and understanding, who can appreciate what I’ve been through and give me time to adjust. I promise I’ll make it worthwhile in the end but it won’t happen overnight.   Have you got the time to give me a chance?


If you have lost or found a cat, please take a look at our Facebook page where we post information that is given to us. If you recognise any of the cats on the page, please do get in touch and help us re-unite lost pets. And if you have found a stray, please take it to your nearest vet to see if it has a microchip. The vets do not charge for this service and you may find you are instrumental in reuniting someone with their dearly beloved pet.


We are hoping some of you will be kind enough to donate something special for the Christmas dinners for the cats in our care on 25th Dec! Our shop in Lydney, The Forest Cat, will be only too happy to accept cat food gifts in the bin near the door. If that is tricky, our Treasurer will be delighted to receive cheques and we will select some tasty dinners for the cats from you. Please send cheques made out to FOD CP to Forest View, Forest Road, Bream, GL15 6LX.

Next on the wish list is a Fundraiser? Is there anyone out there who enjoys booking and organising events which will raise money for the cats. We are about to start a brand new year. Could you do this job? if only for a year? If you’d like to talk it over, phone 01594 841511 and ask to speak to Sara.


Please don’t forget to save the stamps of the envelopes of your Christmas cards. A tedious job, we know, cutting them all out but, if we all collect even a few, we will receive a healthy cheque for them all which again, helps us to help more cats!

As it is now…

Please don’t get cross with us if we cannot take the “stray” or “abandoned ” cat that is worrying you. It is not our fault – please target your rage at the irresponsible owner who dumped or left the cat behind. We are all volunteers – none of us is paid – and we do what we can for love of cats. It is all in our own time, as and when we have volunteers available.

We currently have over 40 cats in our care. There is a limit to how many we can take in because our volunteers and our pens are limited in number.

We can help by providing cat food so you can help any cat in need in your area and, if you can provide a photo, we can advertise it on our website.

If you are a genuine cat lover, at this very difficult time, please help us to help them.